1. General
This 1-day regatta is hosted by the John Callahan Memorial Sailing Fund, Inc. and the Bay Head Yacht
Club. The John Callahan Memorial Sailing Fund, Inc. is the principal host with the Bay Head Yacht
Club responsible for Race Management and Sailing Instructions.
The regatta is open to “A” Catboats, “MC” Scows, M-15, Sanderlings, Sandpipers.
2. Rules
2.1 Racing will be governed by the 2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing, including US Sailing
prescriptions and by these Sailing Instructions.
3. Registration
3.1 Registration will be online.
4. Schedule
4.1 The first to start at 12:00 PM, followed, as soon as possible, by subsequent races.
Race Committee will conduct as many races as the committee deems appropriate within the time
limit, but one race constitutes a regatta,
4.2 The Committee Boat will make a sound signal when it leaves the BHYC dock for the
starting area at 11:00 noon. Racers should leave for the starting area immediately thereafter, or
before. The RC will not delay the start for boats leaving late. The committee will make every
effort to complete the races, but may cancel, postpone or abandon any of them as deemed
5. Signals Made Ashore
5.1 Signals will be made from the yardarm of the BHYC flagpole.
5.2 Code Flag “AP” (Answering Pennant) means the race is postponed. The time of the
warning signal will be made not less than 60 minutes after the “AP” is lowered, or earlier
if all registered boats are present. This modifies RRS Race Signal AP.
6. Oral Changes to the Sailing Instructions
6.1 The Race Committee may issue oral changes to the Sailing Instructions on the water. The
committee may do so by transmitting on radio Channel 68 for the Western Course, Channel 72
for the middle course, Channel 70 Eastern Course. All boats Racing on the all courses must have
a VHF radio onboard. Any failure to respond to changes in the sailing instructions on the water
by radio will not be grounds for redress.
7. Racing Area
7.1 Racing will be conducted on Barnegat Bay, North of the Mantoloking Bridge and in the
Metedeconk River.
7.2 “A” Cats and will start in the western area of the Metedeconk River. (“F” Barrel Cove)
7.3 Sandpipers and Sanderlings will start in the middle part of the river. (west of “J” Barrel)
7.4 MC Scows and M-15s will start East of “J” Barrel
7.6 No race is official unless two or more competitors come to the starting line.
8. Courses And Marks
8.1 The course, number of legs and if a gate is used will be signaled from a course board
when the RC boat is on station.
8.2 If an offset mark is used at the windward mark shall be honored when in place.
8.3 Courses and special instructions for Fleets racing in each area will be attached as
Addendum 1, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3.
9. The Start
9.1 Races will be started in accordance with racing rules 26 for all fleets.
Western Course “A” Cats Code Flag F
Middle Course Sanderlings Code Flag J
Sandpipers Code Flag O
East Course MC Scows Code Flag G
M-15 Code Flag T
9.2 The starting line will be between a portable buoy on the port end of the line and an
orange flag on the committee boat.
9.3 Following the first race, subsequent races will follow as soon as possible.
9.4 Yachts whose warning signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area.
9.5 An attempt will be made to hail those boats starting prematurely. This shall not be grounds for
10. Shortening the Course
10.1 When shortening the course, the applicable class flag (s) will be displayed with the “S”
Flag. If no class flags are displayed, the signal will apply to all classes.
11. The Finish
11.1 On the port side of the committee boat, a line between the staff displaying an orange flag on the
RC boat and a portable buoy, for the A-Cats fleet. Also, for the MC Scows and M-15 fleets.
11.2 Sand Pipers and Sanderlings will finish on the starboard side of the RC boat a line between a
blue flag and a portable buoy.
12. Time Limit
12.1 The time limit for all races shall be 90 minutes. The last sequence of starts will not start after
2:30 pm.
12.2 If, in the opinion of the Race Committee, one or more trailing boats are unreasonable delaying
the conduct of the race, the Committee may declare these boats finished and award finish points
appropriate to their position.
13. Protests and Penalties
13.1 The penalty for breaking a rule will be a 360° turn. This changes RRS 44.1.
13.2 Boats intending to Protest another Boat shall inform the Race Committee of their intent
immediately after finishing.
13.3 Time to submit a written protest will be 30 minutes after the committee boat docks at the
BHYC. Protests may be filed on line.
13.4 Protests may be lodged with the Race Committee or Protest Committee. Appeals
to decisions of the Protest Committee will be made to the Appeals Committee of the
13.5 – Protests involving alleged infractions of class rules will be submitted to the appropriate
class association for resolution. A copy of the protest must be furnished to the Bay Head
Yacht Club Race Committee.
14. Scoring
14.1 The low point scoring system as it appears in Appendix A of the Racing Rules will apply. If four
(4) or more races are completed a competitor’s worst score shall be excluded.
15. Awards
15.1 There will be an awards ceremony at the Bay Head Yacht Club as soon as possible after
the completion of the last race – pending the resolution of any outstanding protests.
16. Safety and Class Rules
16.1 All yachts shall carry the safety equipment required by National, State, Local, applicable
Class Association rules and/or regulations, and these sailing instructions.
16.2 Boats are subject to inspection for all safety equipment including, as required by each
Fleets Class rules.
16.3 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.
16.4 Boats must conform to all the requirements of their class rules.
17. Boats Not Racing
17.1 All contestants will comply with the Inland Rules of the Road (Colregs M16672.2B) when
dealing with boats not racing.
18. Communications
18.1 The Race Committee will communicate via Radio as follows:
Western Course Channel 68
Middle Course Channel 72
East Course Channel 70
18.2 Except in an emergency, a boat that is racing shall not make voice or data transmissions and shall
not receive voice or data communication that is not available to all boats.
19. Disclaimer of Liability
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The
BHYC and the John Callahan Memorial Sailing Fund, Inc. will not accept liability for material
damage, personal injury, illness or death sustained in conjunction with any sailing activit